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List of Directories
s Delhi + NCR Manufacturers & Traders Directory (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s All India Directory of Industrial Products & Services            (Downloadable link in Excel Format
s Maharashtra Industrial Directory   (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s Directory of Okhla & Mohan Co-Operative Industrial Area (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s Noida Industrial Directory (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s Gurgaon & Bhiwadi Industrial Directory (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s Faridabad Industrial Directory (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s Directory of ISO 9000/14000 & QS 9000 Certified Companies in India (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
s China Industrial Directory (Downloadable link in Excel Format)
Listing TypeCompanySearched By
 A A ARTSBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Fashion Accessoriesscarves & Tiesscarves
 AA ARTSBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 ABC FASHIONSBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Napkin Ringsbags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesjewel Cases/Boxes/Padsjewellery Costumejewellery
 ABHINAV EXPORTSExporters Of Bags (Paper)
 ACCESSORY NETWORKExporters Of Bags & Accessories
 ADISHMA EXPORTSBed Linencoverlets And Bedspreadcushions & Coversdecorative Table Clothsembroidery Curtainembroidery Furnishingpatchwork Quiltstable Coverings/Linentable Runnersbags (Beaded)
 AJAY PLASTIC INDManufacturers Of Plastic Bags Packaging Bags
 AKASH EXPORTSManufacturers Of Export Quality Bags And Leather Garments Hard Style Made Easy Leather Garment
 ALLIED POLYBAGS PVT LTDManufacturers Of Bags Plastic Bag - Plastic & Paper
 ALLIED POLYPRINTMfrs. & Expts. Of Ld / Lldpe / Hm / Pp Gravure Shopping Plastic Carry Bags In Flexo Offset &Printing Ecofriendly Paper Bags. Packaging Materials
 ANN INTERNATIONALBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessorieshair Accessorieshats & Capsjewellery Fashionsacs/Bagsscarves & Tiesscarves
 ANUSHREE EXPORTSExporters Of Bags (Beaded)
 ART IMPEX (INDIA) PVT LTDBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewellery Costumejewellery Designerjewellery Fashionjewellery
 ARTEXBags (Beaded)Bags (Jute)Belts & Accessoriesboxes - Decorative & Jewelleryx-Mas Decorations & Ornamentscushions & Coversfashion Trends For The Tablejewellery Costumeleather Accessoriesscarves
 ARTIFACT INDIAExporters Of Bags (Beaded)
 ARTS-N-CRAFTSExporters Of Fashion Bags In: Cotton Canvas
 ASIA MARKETING CORPORATIONExporters Of All Kinds Of Luggage Bags
 BAGMAKERBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Belts & Accessoriescushions & Coversembroidery Curtainfashion Accessoriesscarves
 BEAD CRAFTSBags (Beaded)Beadsbelts & Accessoriesfashion Accessoriesjewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Fashionleather Accessoriessacs/Bagstassels
 BEADS INDIABags (Beaded)Beadsjewellery Costumetassels
 BHARAT EXPORT OVERSEASBags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessorieslace Furnishing Fabricsscarves & Tiesscarves
 BHAVANI INTERNATIONALBags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewel Cases/Boxes/Padsjewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Fashionjewellery
 BINDRA WEB-EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING COBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 CARAVAN IMPEX PVT LTDBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessoriessacs/Bagsscarves & Tiesscarves
 CAREWELL SYSTEMS & SERVICESBeach/Leisure Goodsbedspreadsboxes - Decorative & Jewellerymusical Instrumentstapestryzari And Zari Productsjute Productsbags (Cotton)Jewellery Fashionperfumery
 CELESTIAL IMPRESSIONS PVT LTDBags (Cotton)Bedspreadsboxes - Decorative & Jewellerycushions & Coversembroidery Furnishingframes
 CHOGORIExporters Of Bags (All Kinds)
 D T EXPORTS PVT LTDBags (Cotton)Cushions & Coversbags (Beaded)Scarves
 DACHI UDYOGManufacturers Of Bags Bags & Cases
 DEE CEE DESIGNExporters Of Cotton Bags & Aprins (033-Cat.)
 DHRUVA FASHIONBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesboxes
 EAST WEST APPARELExporters Of Canvas Bags & Accessories
 EMBLEM ASIA PVT LTDManufacturers Of Bags (Soft Luggage) Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 FAIRCRAFT INTERNATIONALBags (Beaded)Beadsfashion Accessoriesjewel Cases/Boxes/Padsjewellery Fashion
 FASHION FOLIOBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriespicture - Embroideredboxes
 FASHION LEATHER BAGSExporters Of Leather Bags Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 FASHION SHOPPEBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Belts & Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewellery Costumescarves & Tiesscarves
 FURNISHING FANTASYBags (Cotton)Bedspreadscushions & Coversscarves & Tiestable Matstable Runnersembroidery Furnishingnapkin Ringsnapkinstable Coverings/Linen
 GEETANJALI INTERNATIONALExporters Of Handicraft Bags & Luggage Material
 GHAISONS (INDIA)Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 GOEL COTTAGE CRAFTBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Bedspreadschess Setscushions & Coversincense/Incense Burnerslamp Shadespipescoverlets And Bedspread
 GURUMAN TREND SETTERSBags (Cotton)Bags (Beaded)Bags (Jute)Beadsbed Linencurtain Tiebackscushions & Coversduvet
 HANNU SACKSManufacturers Of Multi Wall Paper Bags Plastic & Paper Bags
 HIND POLYBAGSManufacturers Of Printed Polybags Plastic & Paper Bags
 J K INTERNATIONAL (I)Bags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriescushions & Coversfashion Accessoriesjewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery
 JAMBUDWEEP IMPEXExporters Of Hand Bags
 JAYCEE OVERSEAS INCBags (Cotton)Bags (Paper)Boxes
 KADAMBRI INTERNATIONALBags (Cotton)Bedspreadsbelts & Accessoriescushions & Coversembroidery Curtainpatchworkterrytowelstextile Wall Coveringsfashion Accessoriesethnic Goods
 KALRA CANVAS STOREManufacturers Of School Bag Canvas & Printed Canvas Cloth Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 KAMLESH EXPORTX-Mas Decorations & Ornamentsbags (Cotton)Cushions & Coversembroidery Curtainzari And Zari Products
 KAMLESH EXPORTSBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 KAP'S LOOM 'N' CRAFTSBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Jewellery Bonejewellery Fashionjewellery
 KHADI NIKETANLamp Shadeslampshand Made Paper & Productsbags (Paper)Scarves & Ties
 KISHORI LAL AGENCIESExporters Of Paper Bags
 KULDEEP PURSE PALACEManufacturers Of Bags - Cotton / Canvas Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 KUTTU INTERNATIONALBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Beach/Leisure Goodsleather Accessoriesleather Goodssacs/Bagshats & Capsbags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessories
 LAXMI BAG FACTORYManufacturers Of Promotional Bags Advertising Bags & Purses
 LEATHER CRAFT INTERNATIONALExporters Of Leather Garments And Bags Leather Garment
 MIR HANDICRAFTSBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Bags (Paper)Bed-Bordersbelts & Accessoriescushions & Coversrunners
 MONA FASHIONSBags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesx-Mas Decorations & Ornamentscushions & Coverspursesbadges & Emblemsfashion Accessoriesscarves
 MULTIPLY PAPER PACKAGING INDUSTRIES PVT LTDBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 MUSKAN BAGSBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 NARESH INTERNATIONALBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessoriessacs/Bagsscarves & Tiesscarves
 NEEL KANTH (INDIA) INTERWORLDManufacturers Of Polythin Bags Bags & Cases
 NOVEX INDUSTRIESLuggage & Bags Components & Accessories Luggage & Bags Components & Accessories
 P M EXPORTSBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesjewellery Costumejewellery Designerjewellery Fashionjewellery
 PACKWELL TRADERSManufacturers Of Poly Bags Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 PARSHWANATHBags (Cotton)Beadsbelts & Accessoriesboxes
 PEEKAY ENTERPRISESBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 PPL FEEDBACK PACKING LTDExporters Of Paper Shopping Bags / Multi Layer Paper Bags
 PRAKASH'S CRAFTSHorncraftsjewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Designerjewellery Fashionbags (Beaded)Jewellery
 PRESIDENT INTERNATIONALManufacturers Of Packing Bags Packaging Bags
 PROMILA & COMPANYBags (Cotton)Jewellery Costumejewellery Fashionsacs/Bagsscarves
 PURI IMPEXPOBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewellery Fashionsacs/Bagshats & Capsbags (Beaded)Fashion Accessoriesscarves & Tiesscarves
 QUALITY TRADE LINKERS LTDBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesjewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Fashionjewellery
 RAJA RANI OVERSEAS PVT LTDBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Belts & Accessoriesscarves
 RAJDHANI CANVAS UDYOGBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 RAMAYANA HANDICRAFTSBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Jewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Designerjewellery Fashionjewellery
 RASHMI FASHION BAGSExporters Of Cotton Bags
 RGC INCBags (Cotton)Scarves
 RGC INDUSTRIES LTDBags (Cotton)Scarves
 RPG IMPEXExporters Of Paper Bags
 SARASWATI BAGSManufacturers Of Bags Bags & Cases
 SARNA BAGS & ACCESSORIESBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Belts & Accessoriesjewel Cases/Boxes/Padsjewellery Fashionsacs/Bagsbags (Beaded)Fashion Accessoriesjewellery Costumescarves
 SAVANA INTERNATIONALBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Belts & Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewellery Costumejewellery Fashionjewellery
 SAWHNEY BROTHERSBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriessacs/Bagsscarves
 SAWHNEY EXPORT HOUSEBags (Cotton)Belts & Accessoriesfashion Accessorieshair Accessoriesjewellery Bonejewellery Fashionjewellery
 SETHI HANDICRAFTSBags (Beaded)X-Mas Decorations & Ornamentsx-Mas Tree Decorations Made From Natural Materialeaster Articles & Decorationsembroidery Furnishingnapkin Ringspotpourri
 SEVEN SEAS EXPORTERSBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 SHAAN BAGSManufacturers Of Bags Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 SHEELA OVERSEAS PVT LTDBags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic Bags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 SHRINGAAR EXPORTSBags (Cotton)Jewellery Bonejewellery Costumejewellery Designerjewellery Fashionsmoking Accessoriesbags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesjewellery
 SMB POLYMERS PVT LTDManufacturers Of All Kinds Of Soft & Rigid Pvc Blown Films Skin Packing Shrink Packing Blister Hermoforming Toffee Wrapper Soft Tubing For Pouches Bags Coloured & Opaque. Also Embossed
 SUKESH INTERNATIONALManufacturers & Exporters Of Scarves Pareos Bandanas Shawls In Cotton 100% Silk Rayon Velvet Pashmina Embroidered We Also Export Bags
 SUN EXPORT HOUSEBags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Bags (Beaded)Belts & Accessoriesbeach/Leisure Goodsbedspreadsembroidery Curtainembroidery Furnishingtable Matsscarves
 TARPAULINS INDIABags & Luggage - Cotton/Canvas/Synthetic
 TRANSWORLD TRADING INCMfrs. / Exp. Of Handicrafts Of:- Wooden Bone Brass Iron Beaded Bags Costume Jewellery
 TREND EXPOBags (Cotton)Ceramicsethnic Goodsincense/Incense Burnersjewellery Fashionlacquerwarescarves
 UPGRADE EXPORTSBadges & Emblemsbags (Cotton)Sacs/Bagsscarves
 VANDNA ENTERPRISESExporters Of Paper And Plastic Bags
 VARIETY GIFT CORNERExporters Of Pens And Paper Bags
 VEETA INTERNATIONALBags (Beaded)Bags (Cotton)Bags (Jute)Beadsbelts & Accessoriescushions & Coverspatchworkjewellery Bonejewellery Costumetable Runners
 VIJAY ENTERPRISESBags (Cotton)Cushions & Coversscarves & Tiesscarves
 VINAY HANDICRAFTSManufacturers Of All Kinds Of Bags (Farhion Bags) Bags & Cases
 VIPAN INTERNATIONALExporters Of School Bags & Novelties
 VISHAL HANDICRAFTSAluminium Waresbags (Cotton)Frames
4. Free ListingEast West ApparelsBags & Caps
4. Free ListingEast West ApparelsBags & Caps
4. Free ListingHelicon Trading House Pvt. Ltd.Bags & Caps
4. Free ListingHelicon Trading House Pvt. Ltd.Bags & Caps
4. Free ListingKHETAN SYNTHETICS PVT. LTD.Bags & Luggage - Leather
4. Free ListingSAVI INTERNATIONALBags & Luggage - Leather
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